Advent of Code 2018

Advent of Code is an initiative to practice coding during Deccember. To try a new language, prepare for a job interview or just have fun programming are good excuses to join it.

The way it works is pretty simple: every day you'll receive a challenge and an input and you'll need to provide an output. There's a global leaderboard where you can compare with other people or create a private one with your friends, as I did.

About the code, I've created a repository where all my friends and me will be pushing the challenges. Feel free to check it!

My TOTRY list

I love to try new things. Every library or language I try give me a wider view in programming. For these kind of challenges I always try to learn something out of my comfort zone. So, these are some of the languages I would like to try during December:

Let's see how far I get using these languages 😂